Procurement Summit Startup Awards 2023

Our co-founder Moritz Nill took the opportunity to speak at the Procurement Summit Startup Awards 2023 in Hamburg. He presented how companies can take responsibility by understanding and effectively reducing their supply chain emissions – with ease.

© Procurement Summit

© Procurement Summit

Most companies want to reduce their impact on the planet's climate. In his presentation, Moritz Nill highlighted the challenges companies face on the road to net-zero: "In the chemical industry, the supply chain accounts for 61 percent of emissions up to the factory gate - in the automotive sector, the figure is as high as 87 percent".

The challenges for companies are many: Procurement departments need to be empowered to report, strategies need to be developed, targets need to be set and risks need to be managed. For example, procurement is grappling with how to meaningfully integrate CO2 performance into purchasing decisions. "The main obstacle is the lack of comprehensive and reliable data," says Moritz Nill, "without which all the issues of modern supply chain management cannot be adequately addressed".

Obtaining emissions data from multiple suppliers, in multiple locations, and along complex value chains can be a daunting task. But to successfully reduce supply chain emissions, data must meet three critical criteria: complete coverage of the entire value chain, consistency over time, and the ability to compare products, sourcing countries, and suppliers. 

Effective decarbonization can only succeed if companies and their consultants have what they need. To that end, Moritz Nill talked about an innovative solution, that provides companies and consultants with the data they need to seamlessly implement carbon management by combining two facets of data collection: "We have developed a statistical world model that allows us to evaluate data from procurement," Moritz Nill explains, "and we supplement this data with a supplier survey through our own platform called supplier+s – which we developed in partnership with Siemens."

These comprehensive solutions ensure data completeness, consistency, and comparability, making them the preferred choice for industry leaders, such as Siemens, Bosch and Knorr-Bremse. 


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