From Data to Insight to Action: “Success Now Breakfast” 2023

Marcel Severith, our co-founder and CIO, spoke at the "Success Now Breakfast" in Hamburg. The event, organized by The Information Lab in partnership with Tableau, centered on the importance of data in business decision-making.

In today's business environment data has become key. With organizations collecting more data than ever before, the real challenge lies in converting this data into actionable insights. Pavel Somlev of Johnson & Johnson, another speaker at the event, highlighted how leveraging data-driven insights has been instrumental in refining their business strategies.

Marcel’s presentation focused on the complexities of Scope 3 carbon accounting and emphasized the need for transparency in supply chain emissions. Highlighting some industry statistics, he noted that in the chemical industry, up to 61% of emissions come from the supply chain, and in the automotive industry, it's as high as 87%. Managing these emissions requires accurate data, and this is where many companies face challenges. Marcel pointed out that one of the main hurdles is the lack of comprehensive data. Without it, it's difficult for companies to make informed decisions about their supply chain emissions.

However, ctrl+s provides a solution to this problem. By combining purchasing data with external emission factors, ctrl+s has developed a Scope 3 accounting methodology that is both accurate and consistent with industry standards. Using Tableau, this data is transformed into visualizations that reveal carbon patterns in the supply chain, enhancing understanding of global supply chains. This approach has been recognized and adopted by major companies, such as Siemens, Bosch, and Knorr-Bremse.


Watch Marcel’s presentation at the “Success Now Breakfast” (please note: The presentation was held in German):

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